The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what we hope that you can give it to your loved one FOREVER.

Celebrating the opening of our very own sister company: Sphery Balloons!

The combination of balloons along with flowers would NEVER go wrong! Get our dreamy balloon bouquets, hot air balloons and Bubble Flower now!



Definitely the right choice to get a sweet and memorable #OOTD for you and your special one!

Stay safe with your special one this Valentine's! In collaboration with Care Condom, we are having this extraordinary gift box featuring CARE Valentine's Special Edition, Intimo's ladies' sexy panties and an elegant mini bouquet of baby breath for your special occasion.

Definitely a must-get to protect you and your loved ones on this special day!

Are you a fan of scented wax candles? Fear not as we will be having scented candles by Zephyrie in this V-romantic Gift Box! Scented candles, dried flowers and a sexy panties: an irresistible romantic combination!

Your special one loves desserts? No worries, we've got you covered! Get your Sweet Gift Box with nine macarons of different flavours, decorated with elegant cappuccino roses.

Feel like getting a bouquet only? Here's a collection of our standard bouquets. Don't forget to place your order before 10 February to get the bouquet at an EARLY BIRD price!!!

Feel free to contact us via @thereservekl on Instagram too if you would like to customize your bouquet!

Delivery Period 13 -16 February 2020

Do let us know if you'll need them for another date too!

Check out our Instagram page at @thereservekl for more!

Delivery within KL and Selangor available. Delivery charges DO APPLY, as we deliver them personally at its best state to your doorsteps and fortunately, SELF PICK UP option is available. However, COD is still Unavailable!


Bloom sizes and color may vary based on availability, if the blooms we promised were unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances, we will replace them with even better choices to make it as beautiful as ever.


We only use fresh blooms and we will notify you before changes are made.