Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I place my order?

A: For Béspoke Bouquets, click "Order Now" and fill in the forms as detail as possible! :)


Q: I've submitted a form and haven't gotten a reply! ):

A: We will reply to your request ASAP, do wait patiently, we promise we will reply within 48 hours from your submission! :)


Q: Will the flowers wilt?

A: All of our beautiful blooms will definitely come to an end one day, but to prolong their beauty, you may place the bouquet under cool places and avoid direct heat/sunlight! If you're having this concern as you're getting a bouquet from us a day before your occasion, just pop it into the fridge/place under aircon, worry-free!


Q: Sunflowers for Mother's Day?

A: Yes! They're bright and cheery, warm and loving just like the first woman we all loved since we were born! Furthermore, Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May! What's better than a beautiful Sunflower on a beautiful Sunday?

Sunflowers are known as "happy flowers", a perfect gift to bring joy to your dear mum!


Q: I've ordered the bouquet to be sent today, and it's not here yet!!

A: Our Delivery Team will contact you when they are heading to your delivery address, and contact you again when they've reached. If none of these is done, and your bouquet has not arrived on time as promised, do reach us at


Q: Why is Pick Up option not available? 

A: Because all of us are university students and we have classes most of the time! Mostly we will complete the pre-ordered bouquets and drop them to our Delivery Team before delivery.

Delivery fees are wholly paid to our self-formed Delivery Team. Hence the delivery charges :)

If you really want to pick up from us, do let us know, mostly on weekend noons only. 


Q: It's been 48 hours and nobody replied my Instagram DM and FB Message! ):

A: So sorry about that! ): All of us might be busying for Finals and Mid-Terms! We'll try our best to attend to all of you dearies ASAP! :) 

...More to come!